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EasyPro Pond Products Pro-Series Straight Spillway Assembles, 18"

  • This item is the middle units in the picture. Each one purchased contains one 18" spillway
  • Straight spillways of 18", 34" and 50" come assembled, curved spillways and spillways over 50" come unassembled due to shipping constraints. The straight, inward and outward pieces are interchangeable and can be used in any combination
  • Dual bulkheads (included) allow incoming water from either or both ends. A plug is included for whichever end is not used
  • Use inward curving pieces to create a concave waterfall, use outward curving sections to create a "peninsula" with water falling off three sides or use the inward and outward combined together to create an "S" shaped waterfall!
  • Easy bolt together assembly - no drilling needed!

Atlantic Oasis Fast Falls SP1600 Waterfall Spillway 16" FastFalls

SP1600Features internal baffles to diffuse water for an even flow across the spillway. Raised front radius retains natural camouflage. One-piece design to eliminate any chance of leaks due to overpumping. Pre-installed 1-1/2" FIPT Spinweld fitting to simplify plumbing connections. One-piece liner flange and molded inserts to ensure a secure liner attachment. 16" wide waterfall; For pumps up to 3000gph. Measures: 16-1/2"W x 9-1/2"D x 7-1/4"H.For Pond Free applications.

EasyPro CF18E Eco Series 12-48" Waterfall Spillway

  • Dual 2-inch inlets pre-installed allow for easy plumbing into either end
  • 4-inch diffuser tube lays across bottom of spillway
  • Liner attaches to spillway using the spliner lock system; No silicone, bolts or tools needed!
  • Gravel can be used to fill the inside of the spillway creating a natural, even looking waterfall
  • 18-inch waterfall spillway width 


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