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Sacramento Award Winning Pond Repair Creative Falls

"I thank you for taking the time to learn about Creative Falls, the many generations of the 

Ximenez family, and our many years of experience in landscape and sculpting.

 I look forward to making all of your landscape dreams come true."

Mario Ximenez - Owner of Creative Falls

Family History

My name is Mario Ximenez and I am the Owner of Creative Falls, which has been in business for over 18 years now.

I have over 40 years of experience in the landscape and waterfall business and I enjoy building, creating, and designing. My family is going on four generations of artificial rock sculpting and landscape design.

The first generation started in San Antonio, Texas in the late 40’s and 50’s, when my grandfather Peter Ximenez Sr. started to create sculpted cement patio covers that looked a lot like tree stumps and mushrooms, as well as barbeque pits and columns that looked like tree stumps. When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother Beatrice Ximenez took on a different approach to concrete sculpting. She started to create sculpted concrete animals such as Dino the dinosaur, and many more four-legged animals with unique looks. She became very popular in the community with all of her different creations. After my grandmother passed away, the second generation started.

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Sacramento Pond Repair Services

The second generation started with my father Peter Ximenez Jr . He brought all of his ideas to Elk Grove, California, in the mid 50’s and then later to Sacramento, California. He continued the animal sculpting like my grandmother and he really enjoyed it. One of his favorite creations; was the famous E.T. sculpture. My father loved to make children happy and he showed this in the many donations he contributed to the Saint Patrick’s Church on Franklin Boulevard. He also donated to local hospitals and The City of Sacramento. My father passed away in January 2003, and left a huge legacy for us to carry on. He is really missed, but I am carrying on his legacy as third generation.

The third generation continues with me and my brothers. I am using what my father taught me since the age of 10. I am taking sculpting to another level. I create rocks and waterfalls using the many ideas that my father taught me. Once I had reached the journeyman’s level to get a contractor’s license, I reached my goal and started my own business. Now I create many waterfalls with the artificial rocks. I also use the natural rocks in landscape as well. The beautiful part of my ideas in my own designs; is that not one water feature looks the same.Every waterfall and landscape that I create is unique in its own way. My waterfalls have lots of height and sound so you can relax and enjoy your water feature and landscape. I’m also a 3-Dimensional designer. I will design a picture for you so we will have a better idea of what your landscape and waterfall will look like. I also specialize in Koi ponds, natural rock waterfalls, and pondless waterfalls. I build waterfalls that flow into existing pools, I create a variety of wall falls, and I provide total landscape including installation of auto and manual sprinkler systems, drainage, concrete, concrete stamp and much more.

The fourth generation includes my 25-year-old son Mario Jr. I am now teaching him what my father taught me and more. One of his future goals is to work with me and run my business when it is time for me to leave my own legacy.

Family Owned Sacramento Pond Repair Services
Award Winning Sacramento Pond Services

Award Winning Service From Our Family To Yours.

It's with our many years of experience and training that we have been able to become of the most recognized and award winning contractors in the Elk Grove and Greater Sacramento Area. 

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