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Sacramento  Real Estate Appraisals

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Looking to Buy A New Home But Not Sure What To Check For in Your Landscape or Waterfalls ?

 Then Creative Falls Outdoor Landscape Inspections & Appraisals is here for you!

The most common issue found with new home owners are those discovered outside the home which could lead to a large unanticipated repair cost that could last for years. Why not let our professionals accompany you before you buy to make you know of any issues that may be waiting for you below the surface of your landscape.

Make sure your home is safe and ready for you OUTSIDE.

Waterfall Inspections


Waterfeatures can be a beautiful & relaxing addition but making sure all equipment is running as well as checking for any problem areas that could lead to major repairs down the road.

Elk Grove Sprinklers Inspection


In our time of water conservation, making sure your sprinklers are working as they should could not only save water but money as well. Checking broken pipes, proper coverage on sprinkler heads,runoffs,timers & more!

Sacramento Drainage Inspection


Making sure the drainage has the proper flow from the backyard to the front yard. Inspect for clogged drainage and damaged pipes sometimes caused by roots.


Checking the property 's concrete for any possible cracks or breaks and lifted concrete that may be caused from roots.

Sacramento Root Removal


Making sure they are not damaging areas such as sprinkler systems as well as drainage. 

Elk Grove Outdoor Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

Checking the wiring for any breaks and inspecting the light bulbs, landscape lighting & fixtures. As well as timer box functionality.

Elk Grove Koi Pond Inspection Appraisal

Koi Ponds

Checking  for leaks in bio-falls, external pumps & bio-systems. Inspect for proper ariation.

Sacramento Realestate Appraisals

Overview & Services

Offering a professional inspection breakdown and available options to repair.

Service Prices

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